Crypto Games , great Hi-Lo bitcoin game.

Crypto Games , is a bitcoin game site where you bet that the next number will be higher or lower than you choose, is a leading online site , safe and reliable time. And I ‘ll tell you all about it in this review.

Sato -Dice offers the choice by the percentage chance you want to play , for example if you choose 90 % chance of winning, the number that should go to earn a 11% or greater would be less than 10 or 90 . Instead if you just want to have a 10% chance of winning , you would multiply 10 bitcoins if your out a number between 1 and 100, more than 90 .

After this first choice of percentage , we can now choose the amount you decide to bet , I think the limit is high enough for all, nothing more and nothing less than 500 Bitcoins .

The web is just sharing profits with only a 1% profit margin for the house, and you can watch the latest games, the gain or loss of the earlier players, something that makes us see that it is a site that we can trust . It´s a provably fair site.

Further deposits and withdrawals are fast and need little confirmations, fast look into your account, and also when you make the withdrawal.

Like other of these sites where you can play with your bitcoins , gives you the power to invest , be the bank , a good option to get a return for your bitcoins .

Two key points that make better Sato-Dice than  other dice sites : it is , first, that they have a cumulative jackpot every Friday at 10 pm is drawn between those who have played more than 0.01 Btc , and the jackpot is usually large last week : 0.64 Btc .

The second data sets that give them is free bonuses of 0.00001 btc between the last 100 players randomly , another good way to motivate his players, as they have one chance in 100 of getting some satoshis .

We hope you enjoy with this site!

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